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Bayagototh is a mysterious character in Lost In Vivo No one knows much about him but he seems plays a role in the story, though it is suspected during the Nightmare Ending that Bayagototh is directly the cause of or is assisting whatever is affecting the world on the surface with the added information below.

Beyond this it is not entirely known what Bayagototh's intentions are.

In Game

Final area

Bayagototh shows up in The Last Area in the form of a tree asking for a specific item. If you have this specific item and give the item to it, they will allow you to get one of 4 endings

The Specific item needed for one of the endings is called the "Child's Skull" which is obtained from "The Siren" after it is killed during the Door Section of the game.

Cass 3

Cass-3 is a cassette tape mentioned in a note by Dr. G.L.A, this note is found in the room with Lost Tape 3 which has connections to Bayagototh so it is possible that tape 3 is Cass-3 or at least is connected to it, but tape 3 doesn’t have any effect on the player. Cass-3 seems to use some type of way of "hypnotizing listeners" into believing in a "fictional character" Bayagototh.

This tape may be the tape that gave Dr. Piccinini the idea of Sotiris

Dr. G.L.A

Research Archive #120

Subject Cass-3 was originally found in the wreckage of a collapsed farmhouse by a mountain survey team. It was later brought to government attention after most of the crew went missing and then granted to our lab for testing.

It appears like a normal cassette tape but has some major differences. Spectrogram displays of the audio contained do not seem to match the structure or waveform of the actual sound but rather several images of american animal, life, and trees.

Some researchers who spent significant time listening to the subject have been hospitalized for mental reasons often becoming obsessed with a fictional being known as Bayagototh.

In Tapes

Bayagototh makes an appearance in Lost Tape 3 in the form of a tall elk, while you do not see the elk you can see its eyes staring at you from the top of the forest

Bayagoth makes the exact same appearance in Lost Tape 5.

In Midnight Mode

In Midnight mode Bayagototh appears as a boss called starving Bayagototh that looks like a bunch of dead wood formed into a face it floats towards you

to summon him you must kill all the enemies and ring the golden bell

Children of Bayagototh

Bayagototh has a number of children made from human sacrifices, normally children. it will transform these children into a demigod who are not bound to it, but can not act against it.

We only know of 2 Children of Bayagototh Specimen 8 and The Wolf

The Wolf is listed as the fifth child of Bayagototh in The Gallery of Light making it known that there are at least five children, but the number is still uncertain, and it probably will never be a set number.

Outside of Lost In Vivo

Ritual Wails to the Cosmic Tree

This is a band that Kira said in a Tweet worships Bayagototh, obviously still fictional nothing from this band actually appears in game

They have 2 songs on the Lost in Vivo Bandcamp but seem to have an entire album called Sacrifice of Sound.


There is a video posted by a Allen Mortem on youtube titled Bayagototh, it came out a few months before the full release of Lost in Vivo and uses the same font as Lost Tape 6 The Wolf.

The video’s has text that flashes on the screen and video of some weird things including trees, and in the background the song Chaos Moon - Of Wrath and Forbidden Wisdom is playing is playing

I swung my hatchet, it hew the bark.



The sap sprang out, red, thick and dark.

It pooled around me, it twisted there.

I didn’t fight it, I didn’t care.

This life was forfeit, since my birth.

To be food, for Bayagototh

Was my greatest honor, my solemn feat.

It’s roots and jaws and sap

Pulled me into the ground .

And I became just another ring

Within Bayagototh.


  • Kira has said he will put bits of lore for Bayagototh in all of his games after this
  • A model of "Starving Bayagototh" can be found in the Gallery of Light if the player walks into the wall behind the wood creature labeled "Bayagototh".
  • Bayagototh likes to wiggle, this was confirmed in Kiras Wolf Tape explanation stream
  • Kira intends on all children of Bayagototh to be animals.


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