Dog Mimic

First Encounter/Description

Dog Mimic

The Dog Mimic as shown in the Gallery of Light; before and after revealing itself.

Encountered in the depths of the Mines and where the Emblem puzzle is. The Dog Mimic is first encountered to the player as the Protagonist's dog. However upon examination, it has visible gaps all throughout its body as if poorly pieced together. When the player gets close, the Dog Mimic will expand and reveal its true from, and will begin attacking the player. Later in the area, the Dog Mimic will appear in this hostile state regardless of distance. In its hostile state, it has tan/pastel flesh and multiple grotesque arms ending in a section of its dog-like husk, and a large gaping mouth covering a majority of its face.

Chase Sequence

In its hostile form, it will attempt to chase and kill the player, randomly charging toward the player in its attempt. For the remainder of the time down in the mines, it will remain in this hostile state. After defeating it, the dog mimic will fall onto the floor as if dead for a few seconds, then suddenly move away from the player, phasing through walls and entities with great speed. The dog mimic will respawn after a short time or once the player enters another room, and will continue their pursuit.

Exiting the Depths of the mines

The way to the depths is the ladder down, once the puzzle is solved and items are obtained. The player will leave the area, but after beginning your assent, the Dog Mimic will suddenly run to the ladder and climb up in a final effort to kill the protagonist while screeching and yelling. It's possible to out-climb the Dog Mimic, but it will kill the player if it catches up. Once the Player reaches the top, the Dog Mimic will suddenly climb back down, and disappear, and will not reappear. Shortly after, if turned around, the player may catch a glimpse of Sotiris watching them, shortly vanishing thereafter.


  • If Dog Mimic has been momentarily defeated, and you are low on health, wait to regenerate before entering another room and having it respawn. It can charge you next time you see it, possibly killing you if at low health, so move with caution.
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