The Gallery of Light is a location in Lost in Vivo accessed by setting your gamma to the maximum, and selecting either "CONTINUE" or "NEW GAME" on the title screen if you have beaten the game before. Here, you can view all the models of characters and enemies throughout Lost in Vivo, and its hidden content "Midnight" and "The Dark Mode".

Within the Gallery of Light, your dog will follow you around, prompting you to pet them if they approach.

List of NPCs


  • You can find the demo model of your dog in the left-hand room.
  • Two models are hidden within this room, named "Starving Bayagototh" and "Dead Soul".
    • These models appear in Midnight mode during the secret Bayagototh boss fight.
    • theres a room hidden in the Starving Bayagototh room with The Wolf and the Wolf baby
  • The song that plays within this room is "Into the Mine" by Nolan Reese.
  • You can find a hidden room behind the "Spooky Bois" that contains the NPCs in the Mersus Tapes.


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