This page is on the enemy Ghost Girl. For the character, see Jane Exspiraviti.

Ghost Girl is the first real enemy that the player encounters. She resides in the dark parts of the Royal Phantome Subway, when the breaker box is turned off.


Ghost Girl is a floating creature, barely resembling a woman with a deformed face, empty eye sockets, missing nose and little strings of hair hanging from the top of her head. The entire area around her vagina is covered in blood, a pair of goat legs are piercing her stomach and on her chest there seems to be a gunshot wound, but it's not explained why it is there. She also makes a strange looping sound when she's near the player.



The Ghost Girl can only appear in Royal Phantome Subway, when the lights are off. She will appear in a random place in the room that you are in and begin to float towards the player. She can freely go through solid objects and walls, but moves at a slow pace so it is very easy to run away from her. After the player kills the Ghost Girl, she turns into a body bag and after a few seconds will reappear in a random spot. There's no way to permanently kill her.

Combat Info


Body Shake

Description: Ghost Girl will start to shake her head and reach for the player with her arms. Range of this attack is short.

Damage: Player gets hit 3 times, each hit deals 5 - 11 damage.

Blocking: Her attacks can be blocked by quickly repeating this action 2 times after the first successful block. Each blocked attack deals 1-2 damage.

Fighting Info

Sledgehammer - 4 hits to the body, 6 hits to the head.

Damaged Handgun - 3 hits to the body, 5-10 hits to the head.

Shotgun - Instakill, regardless where she was attacked.

Kitchen Knife - (the player doesn't have this weapon at this part of the game)


  • This enemy is featured in a lot of promotional material for the game, concept art, every trailer shows some fight scenes with her.
  • She is the only enemy that can pass through walls and solid objects.
  • The design of the Ghost Girl and her model was made when the story of the game was different. This explains the goat legs that pierce her stomach.
  • The ghost girl is probably the only enemy that was a human before.


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