The Ghost Train is one of the enemies encountered in Grand Bulim Avenue.


At first, it appears to be a train car, but when inspected the Protagonist will comment "Something about this train unnerves me." Some time after reading Page 1, the train will come to life and attack.

When the train is attacking the front of it becomes unhinged, acting like a mouth with some parts of it seeming to have teeth on them. 

The inside of the train is just flesh which goes all the way to the back of the train which is where you find the spine of this creature. 


The train is probably the fastest enemy in the game and can take the most damage compared to most of the enemies, with The Siren probably being stronger.

The strongest weapon against this enemy matters how you attack them. The Sledgehammer does the most damage to the metal parts and the Shotgun does the most damage to the flesh parts. The most optimal spot to hit this enemy is the spine, they take the most damage here, but its pretty hard to land hits there because of how fast the train moves.

The first time you go through the Ghost Train area there are fences that the trains can't go through. So you could get past the train and you wouldn't have to spend all the time killing it. But the second time you go through the trains can break the fences making it harder to avoid these creatures.


  • The train may have connections with the ghost girl but this isn't confirmed.


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