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Grand Bulim Avenue is the next area after the Royal Phantome Subway. The station itself seems to be very old, with chandeliers acting as a main light source in some areas.


The Station

After the protagonist boards the rusted train in the Royal Phantome Subway, it will automatically start moving. After a while, the screen will begin flickering, and the train disappears. The protagonist continues walking through the tunnel, emerging onto a platform leading to the Grand Bulim Avenue. 

There is a Save Station and a door that leads deeper into the station.

The player will emerge into a red room with and multiple doors and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, one of which "seems to be covered in slime” and won’t open. A room to the left leads to the three heads puzzle, which must be solved in order to continue to the next area. 

In the red room, a large bottle of acid can be picked up, drastically slowing the player down and sloshing when the player moves. When the player approaches the slimed door, they will slip and fall, causing the player to die by acid.

After respawning, going back to the room will reveal that the player's remains are still there, as well as two Mirrors in the room. The door previously "covered in slime" is now unlocked, leading to the tracks.

The Tracks

The Tracks are two sets of train tracks separated by chain-link fences. Holes in the fences allow the protagonist to work their way through to the door on the other side.

Page 1

When the protagonist first enters The Tracks, the path to the left is blocked by a train; to the right, Page 1 is found on top of a sofa. 

Page 1

Life was too harsh.

Love was lost forevermore.

They hung from a ceiling fan,

Starting at the floor.

Page 2

Upon putting down the note, the train at the other side of the tunnel starts driving towards the player, revealing that it was a Ghost Train. The player has to either destroy or evade the Ghost Trains to get to the area on the other side of The Tracks, where a knife and Page 2 can be found in the restrooms. 

Page 2

Life was too harsh.

And a bridge was close by.

They sank in water,

Gaping for the sky.

Page 3

After traveling back across the tracks, the player must return to the room with the three heads. Page 3 can be found on a chair to the left.

Page 3

Life was too harsh.

This job just wasn't fair.

They laid in the assembly,

With a sideways stare.

After getting the correct combination (first head down, second head up, third head down) and attempting to change the third head's position, the heads will all face upwards, spilling blood from their necks and unlocking the door. It is recommended that the player save before continuing.

The Passages

The player has to go through a dark maze, whistling for their dog to guide them; after a while, the player must crawl through a pipe, and then enter a winding series of hallways and rooms with Leeches. A locked door is found at the end of this room; attempting to pick the lock will cause the lockpick to break; walking away from the door afterwards will cause it to open on its own.

The player will enter a room with a Save Station. This station’s light is red, and the music is distorted. After interacting with the orb, the text reads “SAVE ERASED” and the room cannot be reentered after leaving.

Entering the next room traps the player in a dark room with the Shoggoth, which will kill the player and bring them back to the scene with the Therapist, though the dialogue is now different:

So, how are you feeling?

I feel like everyone hates me, and I hate myself.

Your sense of worth is too influenced by body shape, you don't judge others so harshly. You have worth, you have beauty, but you are unable to see it. Your vision of yourself is distorted.

Then, how should i fix it? If i can't fix my body then how do I fix my vision of myself?

We are working together to fix it. But I will also write you a refill for your Fluoxetine.

After this sequence, the player appears back in the Save Station, which is now normal; no progress has been lost. Save your game, then continue into the next door, which now leads into the Bulimic Puzzle.



Ghost Train




The protagonist’s reactions to examining the pile of flesh is most likely reference to Jane Exspiravit's self-hate and dysphoria. 

The Mirrors, similarly, likely symbolizes Jane Exspiravit's distorted self-image.


  • The fence blocking the opposite end of the tracks in the first platform originally wasn't there; if players attempted to walk down the tracks, they would fall through the ground and out of the map.
  • The three heads puzzle cannot be solved before reading the notes, as the third head is “broken” until all notes are found.
  • Sometimes, attempting to open the slimed door will also cause the player to interact with their remains, causing the screen to darken without the player actually travelling through the door.
  • If the player exits the broken Save Station before using the save orb, they will not be able to reenter the room, causing the Shoggoth fight to send the player back to the previous Save Station.
  • Fluoxetine , the medication the therapist perscribed to Jane Exspiravit, is a medication used to treat a number of disorders, including depression, OCD, and bulimia.