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Kill is a game mechanic in the demo version of Lost in Vivo.


In the demo version of Lost in Vivo, there were two enemies you could encounter, the Eyeless Hobo and an unknown floating monster. After many attacks, they would go down, and you had the option to kill them by pressing E when you get the prompt. Doing so would make the screen turn red momentarily, and then the body of whichever enemy you killed would be replaced by a large slab of flesh.

This mechanic was removed in the full release. Most enemies will simply die when you do enough damage.


  • It is unknown how this mechanic would have worked in the full game, as Akuma Kira has yet to comment on it.
    • It may have been a factor in the game's endings, similar to Akuma Kira's previous game, Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion, formerly known as Spooky's House of Jumpscares.
  • The Kill mechanic was scrapped along with the idea that the Protagonist was going to be a serial killer who was killing innocent hobos.