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"An antique kitchen knife used for cutting vegetables. It's slightly rusted and feels heavier than it looks." -Inventory description

The Kitchen Knife is the last weapon found in the game, as well as the second melee weapon.  


The Kitchen Knife is found in the last stall in a restroom in Grand Bulim Avenue, immediately after encountering the Ghost Trains. The stall is locked; however, as the player leaves the room, the door opens on its own. In the stall is several bloodied tissue papers, and the Kitchen Knife is on the toilet seat. 

If the knife isn't picked up in Grand Bulim Avenue, it will appear in the first room of Nezumi Testing.


The Kitchen Knife is much faster than the Sledgehammer, though does less damage. It also has a much shorter range, which can make it less effective against faster enemies.

New Game +

See New Game +

New Game + starts the player with all weapons, including the Kitchen Knife. As of version 2.0.1, there are two NG+ skins for the Kitchen Knife.

Combat Knife

The Kitchen Knife is exchanged for a Combat Knife. The Combat Knife Is slower than the regular knife, though does significantly more damage.

Spooky Knife

The Kitchen Knife now looks like the knife wielded by Spooky from Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion, another game by Kira. It has a higher attack speed than the Kitchen Knife, but does less damage.