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Lost in Vivo is a horror game about claustrophobia made by Akuma Kira. This is a wiki on that game.

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About Lost in Vivo
During a storm your service dog is forced down a broken sewer drain. You find the nearest sewer entrance and run in after it. Along the way you will meet others that are also stricken by abnormal or psychological fear.
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Nezumi Testing Gets festive with lights and Christmas trees. Sotiris and the Rat Man enemies get festive as well with Christmas attire.


Lost in Vivo update 3.0.0 comes out including the first 2 Mersus Tapes and some other smaller things


Kira releases Lost Tape 5: The Wolf and Lost Tape 6: The Way Out beta on his Patreon


Kira makes a Patreon with his unfinished games and discord rewards Kira says beta’s for the Mersus Tapes will release on it


Lost tape 5 The Wolf is 100% done but Kira is going to wait for 2.5 tapes done before release.


Kira releases his own website today and released the name for his free content packs for LIV

Lost in Vivo: The Mersus Tapes

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