The first Lost Tape, found already in the player's inventory at the beginning of the game.


The Pound takes place in the pound The Protagonist gets their dog Dani from.

Walk Through

The player must retrieve their dog from the locked cage in the pound by finding wire cutters.

The player will appear in a large dark room with rusted walls; approaching 3 of the cages in the walls will cause dogs to rush up to the bars and begin barking.

Walking straight forward, the player will meet a wall; turning away and looking back will cause it to disappear, revealing a dimly-lit hallway lined with dog-filled cages.

The hallway ends at two doors; the Bolt Cutters are found down the right path on top of a box, along with a closed door that leads outside the pound.

The locked cage holding Dani is found down the left path at the very end of the hallway. Once the wires are cut, the player must pick them up, and take them through the right door; the screen will distort, and the tape will end.

As the screen distorts, a fast enough player is able to spot that the exit door is now open; they are able to sprint through the door, though it is extremely dark outside.


In 1.0 this tape was shorter, being cut off right before the long hallway of dog cages with a jump scare by a large dog head.



  • This is the only tape that is canon to the main story of Lost in Vivo. [1]
  • This is the only tape to ever be changed after launch.
  • In the last room of the tape a door is found that can be found in most of the other tapes


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