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The fifth Lost Tape and the first Mersus Tape added in update 1.3


The Wolf takes place in two major areas; Wolf Hollow and the Cabin.

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is a campground split up into three small areas, surrounded by impenetrably tall grass. The first area, which the player starts in, has an unlit campfire and three tents.

There are two paths that each lead to other areas; the left path leads to a well and an outhouse, while the right path leads to a set of picnic tables and a grave.

The goal of this first area is to escape the campsite by finding the keys to the red truck. To do so, the player must find three items, the locations of which are listed below.

  • The matches to light the campfire can be found in front of the middle tent.
  • The item holding the key is found next to the grave in the picnic area. It must be thrown into the fire, but it is too hot to pick it up without protection.
  • The item used to pick up the key is found on top of the well.

After picking up the key, the player can get into the truck and begin driving down the road; however, it will eventually run out of gas. The Wolf will appear and attack the car, pushing it over and off the path.

The Cabin

The player wakes up next to the ruined truck, and travels down the path to the Cabin. There, the player finds a set of pews facing an altar on the second floor, and a note containing instructions for building an idol:

I began with bark, to be its base.

I used its own flesh, to hold it in place.
I used some Sticks, to act as nails.
Then dead face and limbs, to add details.

It pulled me in, to become a ring.

I woke unhuman, I began worshiping.

Three items must be gathered and placed upon the altar:

  • Tree Bark is collected from the tree in the front yard.
  • Tree Flesh is found on a pedestal at the back of the first floor.
  • Sticks are collected from a patch of dirt next to the front door.

Placing all of these items at the altar will begin to assemble the idol, though it still isn't complete; a crow will call in the distance, and it will begin to rain heavily.

Walking back outside, a trail of blood can be seen leading from the yard down the trail, leading to the now-dead crow. Once the crow is placed on the idol, it is complete.

An image of Starving Bayagototh will briefly appear, a cutscene will play, and the tape will end.

Side A

  • The item next to the grave is a Wooden Box.
  • The item on the well is a Muddy Rag.
  • A Ghost is visible through the grass in the picnic area, but cannot be reached.

The Radio

The Radio plays a news report about a serial murderer:

New victims in a series of serial murders were reported today.

So far only the right hands of the victims have been far.
But a forensic study revealed that the hands were removed post mortem, which brings the suspected victim count up to 7.
In all cases victims were males in their later twenties who were camping in Wolf Hollow.

A county wide manhunt is currently underway, but we ask that our listeners be on a look out for a red ranger pickup truck and bring any information they have to the police.

Ending A

The final cutscene shows a hollow stump in the middle of a clearing. Six blue-robed figures will emerge and form a circle around the stump. After a few more seconds, a red-robed figure with branches protruding from its hood will emerge, holding a baby over the stump.

The perspective will switch to the baby as it is dropped down into the stump, which is revealed to be a much deeper hole. The tape ends as the baby continues falling.

Side B

  • The item next to the grave is a Clenched Fist.
  • The item on the well is a Bloody Rag.
  • The Ghost that was blocked off in Side A is no longer blocked. This area has several trees similar to the one seen in front of the Cabin.

The Radio

The Radio plays the song House of Rituals.

Ending B

The final cutscene is a first-person perspective of the Wolf feasting on a carcass in a clearing in the rain; it looks around before howling at the moon, and the rain turns red. The tape ends there.








The Wolf Attacks

After lighting the campfire, staying around it for too long will cause the Wolf to emerge from the tall grass and attack the player, instantly killing them and ending the tape.

The Hidden Idol

In Wolf Hollow, there is an idol hidden in the tall grass behind the tents. It can be interacted with seven times, until Bayagototh is heard screaming in the distance.

Now, once the Wolf is encountered on the road, it will say the following just before attacking:




The Moon

At any point in the tape, staring at the moon will slowly cause the screen to turn red and distort as strange audio plays. After a while, the player will suddenly be transported into an short series of shifting passages, with large moving branches protruding from the ceiling.

A radio can be found in a wider area of the passage. Standing near it for long enough will cause it to play the following audio:

Person 1: "Can you hear it?"

Person 2: "Hear what?"
Person 1: "That sound."
Person 1: "It's like..."
Person 1: "It's something I can't even describe."
Person 1: "It's... It's singing!"
Person 1: "And it's singing only to me!"
Person 1: "Just to me."

Person 1: "Can't you hear it?"

Continuing on, the player hits a dead end; however, looking up, the player will briefly see the sky, and the Earth in the distance. The following message will briefly flash on the screen, then the tape instantly ends:

Lucid dreams are a battle between the unconscious and conscious for control.
You are not made up of your unconscious, but rather your conscious decisions.


  • The Cabin is the same as the one from Lost Tape 3, with the DVDs in the fireplace referencing its ending.
    • Along with the cabin returning the reoccurring door returns in the same room
  • You are actually playing as The Wolf/The Murderer during the tape.
  • This is the only tape to have a Side B.
  • The Wolf attacking you if you wait too long after starting the fire is due to one of Kira’s testers hiding in the tents after lighting the fire.
  • This tape was originally leaked through the website http://host.html-5.me/v/VIVOLEEKS?i=1
  • Wolf Hollow appears in Kira's new game Uktena 64