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Lost In Vivo Wikia

The sixth Lost Tape, and the second Mersus Tape. It is one of the only tapes without any ghosts.


The game primarily takes place in a prison with grimy stone walls and rusted metal doors. There are four separate points where the setting drastically shifts.


The Cells

When the player first starts the tape, a short cutscene plays showing the player waking up and getting off of their mattress. The door to your cell is locked, and a note can be found slid through the door, reading:

How long has it been keeping us here?

I can't remember anymore.

We can't keep doing this.

I think I found it..

The way out.

After a while, the door to your room will swing open, revealing a hallway with three doors on either side, as well as a door on the far end of the left wall.

Each of the six nearby doors, except for one, contains a Deadly Sin; cloaked figures that are not affected by the vertex distortion that affects most other things in the tape. As Sloth and Wrath are separately named in the Gallery of Light, the remaining five are inferred based on their responses to the player interacting with them.

To the left, there's:

Greed, a blue-green figure that slowly wiggles back and forth. Its room is filled with pillows. It will speak to the player, saying "Have anything for me? Hehe."

Lust, a gray figure that quickly bobs up and down. Its room is filled with a pink mist. It will speak to the player, saying "Why don't you come in? I don't bite."

Pride, an unmoving white figure. It will speak to the player, saying "What. Do you need my assistance? I don't really care about you. Why don't you go bother someone else?"

To the right, there's:

Envy, a green figure that wiggles back and forth quickly. It will speak to the player, saying "HOW DID YOU GET OUT? TELL ME! TELL ME!"

Gluttony, who cannot be seen through the door. Interacting with the door will display the text "The Door is blocked by heaps of rotting meat." Sounds of bestial eating can be heard on the other side. In the Gallery of Light, Gluttony is revealed to be an unmoving gray model that is affected by the distortion effect, unlike any of the other Deadly Sins.

Sloth, who is missing. Its door is gone, and a discarded robe can be seen in its room.

Cage Room

Continuing forward through the last door, the player will find a staircase leading to a large room filled with hanging cages. A purple figure with many protruding tentacles, Sloth, in the near-center of the room.

Four doors will appear, two on either side of the room; only one will appear at a time.

Before entering each door, Sloth will speak to the player, telling them a short message related to the next area; after exiting each area, a different cage will now be on the floor, containing a creature that died of causes related to that area.

The Pharmacy

Sloth's message is "Find them."

An endless line of shelves. The player must continue moving forwards until a bottle of pills is found; taking these pills will affect the player; the vision will lower and distort further with every bottle gathered. After the fourth bottle, the flashlight will suddenly cut off. When it turns back on, it is revealed that all of the shelves are now gone, and the exit was much closer than it originally seemed.

The caged figure for this area will suddenly drop from the ceiling in front of the player as they walk in; interacting with this cage will display the text "Overdosed."

The Cabin

Sloth's message is "Choose a good one."

When the player turns around, it is revealed that many nooses had descended from the ceiling, with many of them around neck height.

Returning with the chair will cause all but one of the nooses to recede back into the ceiling; a highlight of the chair will appear underneath it, indicating where to place it. Standing on the chair brings up the prompt to "DO IT."

A short cutscene will play of your character being hanged, before dropping to the ground and transitioning back to the room.

The caged figure in this room will display the text "Broken neck."

The Tunnel

Sloth's message is "Tear it open."

The player is placed in a large tunnel with hanging lights. At various points, sections of the walls are replaced with barbed wire, with writhing masses of flesh visible through them. Touching the wire will cause the screen to briefly flash red.

As the player moves through the tunnel, it progressively becomes narrower and grimier. The player will begin to make a scraping sound as they proceed. Eventually, the barbed wire patches disappear, and the tunnel gets so low that the player must crouch to pass through.

Near the end of the tunnel, the player will find a floating boxcutter. Picking this up will end the sequence. The caged figure for this sequence will display the text "Bled to death."

The Home

Sloth's message is "Where is it?"

The door to this area has a floor mat, reading "Welcome Home"

The setting is of a small house. The player can knock on the bedroom door, then enter it. The player must check the drawers under the television ("Not here."), the bedside table ("Where is it?"), and a hidden box under the bed ("I NEED IT!"). Several of the locations have notes, conveying the protagonist's increasing desperation to find "It."

After every location has been checked, the closet door will swing open. The player is prompted to slide out a box, which can be stood on to reach "it" - a gun. Upon picking it up, the door will swing shut, and Daddy will walk into the bedroom. After a few seconds, the room will darken, and the door will open, revealing that the closet now leads back into the Cage Room.

The Hall of Chains

A hallway filled with chains, at the opposite end of the Cage Room. At the end of the hall is a large, unnamed mass of flesh. Approaching it will cause it to extend its long neck, ending at a bulging, multi-mouth'd head. Although the entity can be encountered at any point, it cannot be interacted with until the player has visited all of the previous areas.


Ending A

After passing through every scenario, returning to the Cage Room and approaching Sloth will cause it to say "It is time." Entering the Hall of Chains and approaching the entity will fix the player into place directly in front of it. Now, every time the player left clicks, it advances a cutscene.

  • First, the player forces the entity to take pills, causing its head to whip around rapidly.
  • Second, a noose is drawn around its neck, pinning it in place.
  • Third, a boxcutter is used to slash its throat, causing its head to droop forward.
  • Finally, the gun is brought to its head, and the screen cuts to black with a gunshot.

When vision returns, the entity is seen dead on the floor; Sloth will speak, saying "Finally, We are FREE." The protagonist turns around, seeing Sloth rush towards them. Sloth will plow into the player, attacking them and presumably killing them as the camera falls to the floor, unmoving. The vision distorts, then the tape ends.

Ending B

After getting the gun, instead of entering the chain hallway, the player must return to their cell. The door will automatically close behind them, and a cutscene will play, showing Sloth rushing towards the cell, only to be stopped by the door. Sloth will return to its own cell, and the door will fix itself. A new tally will appear on the player's door, the camera pans out to show that the door is covered in tallies, and the tape will end.


  • The bottles in the Pharmacy glow in the dark; leaving the flashlight off will make it significantly easier to see them.
  • The flashlight produced a different pattern of light than the ones in the main game or Lost Tape 5.
  • Sloth grows larger after every area completed.
  • The player is still able to Whistle, though there does not appear to be a use for this mechanic.
  • It is very easy to partially clip the player camera through walls; using this, the player can see the exact moment the closet switches from the Home to the Cage Room.
  • This tape along with Tape 4 seem to be the only tapes without the reoccurring door