Spoiler warning

This page will have spoilers for a secret in the game please proceed with caution



If the system clock is in the 12 AM time frame, this mode launches instead of the normal Lost In Vivo.

After you access it the first time you will get a Midnight button on the menu making it so it doesn't have to be midnight to play midnight mode anymore

Core mechanics

Unlike the normal game It's not possible to block, but it's possible to dodge by pressing space, or the X button on a Xbox controller (varies due to the controls being used)

You can also now press a button to see the time of the run

Ctrl for computer, and Y for Xbox controller (controls vary)

There is also a leaderboard now to add in some competition, you will be ranked by how fast you play through the game.

The rest of the mechanics are the same to the original game.


The goal of the mode is to collect 30 coins to unlock a door, each coin being dropped by a single enemy.

After getting past the door, Shoggoth King eel of the Abyss spawns and a bossfight starts.


  • This is the only mode that will have a different game over screen.

    The game over screen