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Lost In Vivo Wikia

Minor characters and enemies found in the Lost in Vivo main game and additional content.

New Game

Minor Characters encountered in the base game, as well as their behaviors.

Found in the pipe section of the Sewers.

Looking at it will cause it to chase down the pipe after you; however, it disappears while the player's view is obstructed.

Found in the second half of the Sewers.

An assortment of fleshy monsters behind candlelit bars that look burned to a crisp, making guttural gasping noises. They cannot escape nor attack the player, although one of the cages is found broken.

Found in the middle branch of the Royal Phantome Subway.

When the player steps out onto the platform, go down into the tunnel instead of the train. After traveling for a while, a train will travel down the tracks towards the player; this train will kill the player instantly, and is too fast to run away from.

Found at the end of the Bulimic Puzzle.

A small limbless baby with a large slit down its torso laid down on a bloodied diaper changing station. It constantly squirms in place and cries unless the player picks it up or kills it, though the player can also continue without interacting with it. The player's choice has no consequences or bearing on the story or progression.

The Baby can also occasionally be seen in Save Stations, replacing the orb on the altar; this only occurs briefly, before the orb returns and the Baby disappears.

Found in Nezumi Testing.

A massive rat seen floating through the water in the drainage pipes. When Dani gets washed down the flood tunnels, the player can interact with the drain repeatedly until given the prompt to follow; once in the pipes below, the player can see Rat Mom floating through the water.

The Rat Mom in the Gallery of Light is displayed at only 1/5 scale.

Found in the Siren's Lair.

The creature that bursts out of the Siren's head after it is killed. Like the siren, it lacks legs, dragging itself across the floor with its arms as it screams. It has a skull for a head and leaves a trail of blood behind itself. It moves and attacks very slowly, deals no damage and it can be killed in one hit. Killing it is entirely optional.

Found early in the Last Area.

A large slab of flesh stuck to the wall. Interacting with it will cause it to bring up the message, “DID YOU LOCK THE DOOR?”

Answering NO does nothing, and ? can be interacted with again; answering YES causes the sound of glass shattering to play, using the game's positional audio to make it sound as though it came from behind the player. This has no effect on gameplay or the story.

Found late into the Last Area.

Floating lumps of pulsating flesh, connected to the ground by strands of flesh. They have no effect on gameplay, aside from acting as a minor obstacle.

New Game +

See New Game +

Minor Characters encountered in NG+, as well as changes in those that were already present.

Found in the pipe section of the Sewers.

The pipe creature behaves the same as it did in NG; however, it will not disappear, and will continue to chase the player until it is killed. It is a very weak enemy.

Found in the second half of the Sewers.

The bars on the Crispys' cages are now gone; they are relatively weak enemies, though they can swarm the player easily if the player isn't careful. Different creatures have different amounts of health.

Found in multiple locations, including Save Stations.

Small flying creatures with wings made of fleshy membranes, appearing in small groups of 1-3. They are the only creature that can appear in Save Stations, apart from the Baby.

Found in the rafters of the Save Stations.

A purple cat with three red eyes that can appear in multiple different poses. It constantly turns to look at the player, though it does nothing else.

When attacked by the player, the Three-Eyed Cat will teleport the player into an empty purple space, where dozens of eyes will begin to open all around the player; after several seconds, the player will be taken to the Game Over screen.

Notable Enemies that appear in Randomized Enemies Mode.

Originally from the Sewers.

Originally from the pipe section of the Sewers.

Originally from the Siren's Lair.

Originally from the Midnight Mode.

Masked, candle-wielding figures that have a ranged attack that drains health over time, and have a moderately powerful melee attack.

Originally from the Midnight Mode.

Exists in three tiers, each of which is more powerful than the last; Wolves, Greater Wolves, and Demon Wolves. They are extremely fast, making escape very difficult.

Floating fleshy creatures from the game's original Kickstarter Demo.

Lost Tapes and Alternate Modes

Characters encountered outside of the main game, including the Lost Tapes and the Dark Mode.

Found in almost every Lost Tape.

Appear to be floating lights, with heavily distorted audio. Standing near a Ghost while looking directly at it will cause the audio to clear up, allowing the Ghost's message to be heard; text will also eventually appear on the screen, transcribing the message.

Found in Lost Tape 1 (The Pound).

Appears to be a massive dog head held up by several thin, spindly legs. They are found hidden in some of the barred passages in the walls of the first room; when the player approaches one, it will leap out of the darkness towards the bars and begin barking and snapping through the bars.

Found in Lost Tape 2 (The Clinic).

At the very end of the Tape, the player drops down into a massive room filled with huge distorted, barely-visible humanoids that slowly wander around the room, ignoring the player.

Found in Lost Tape 4 (Hotel) and the Dark Mode.

A dark, featureless humanoid creature with wings, wearing a wide-brimmed hat. It stands at about the same height as the Protagonist.

Lost Tape 4

The Dark Winged Man appears by the front door at the end of the tape, rushing towards the player once they enter the lobby.

The Dark Mode

The Dark Winged Man appears in increasing numbers in the second tunnel, as the walls of the tunnel distort. The player can drive through them, causing them to go limp and distort. Staying in the tunnel for too long will cause them to rush the car, killing the player instantly.

Found on the Side A ending of Lost Tape 5 (The Wolf), sacrificing a baby to Bayagototh.

A group of cloaked humanoid figures with their hands concealed in their sleeves and their faces shrouded by their hoods. Six of them wear blue cloaks bearing a crescent moon symbol, while one wears a red cloak with a full moon symbol and branches protruding from their unseen face.

Found in Lost Tape 6 (The Way Out).

Seven separate entities, each of which embodies one of the deadly sins. All of the sins, with the exception of Sloth and Wrath, are cloaked, and are unnamed in the Gallery of Light; however, their identities can be inferred by their behaviors, appearances and voices. Each of the Deadly Sins (apart from Wrath and Gluttony) deliver voiced lines when interacted with.

The following is the Deadly Sins by order of their appearance within the Gallery of Light.


A limbless, vaguely humanoid red mass slightly shorter than The Protagonist with several tentacles protruding from its torso. In the tape, it appears within cramped cages, with another appearing after completing each of the four scenarios within the tape.


Identical to Wrath in appearance, though purple and slightly larger. It slowly wiggles in place, appearing in the Cage Room.

In both of the Tape's endings, it attempts to kill The Protagonist by rushing towards them.


Gluttony wears a grey cloak with a very faint inner light-grey glow. Unlike the other Deadly Sins, it stands completely still. It makes disgusting eating noises, but is otherwise unvoiced; interacting with the door only shows the text "The Door is blocked by heaps of rotting meat."


Greed wears a vibrant green cloak and slowly wiggles in place. It has a slowly shifting inner blue-green glow.

Have anything for me?


Lust wears a grey cloak that disappears as it approaches the ground. It bobs up and down rapidly, and has a rapidly shifting inner red glow.

Why don't you come in?
I don't bite.


Pride wears a solid white cloak that very slightly wiggles. It has a slowly shifting inner white glow, and is not affected by the Tape distortion effect.


Do you need my assistance?
I don't really care about you.

Why don't you go bother someone else?


Envy wears a lime green cloak that appears to be partially stitched across its hood. It has a slowly shifting lime green glow, and wiggles rapidly. When interacting with Envy, the cell door will start to shake for a moment.




Found in the Dark Mode.

A crumpled paper bag that sits in the back seat of the car. It has no effect on gameplay; however, every time the player looks at it, it will appear in a different orientation.

Found in the Dark Mode.

Indistinct ghostly figures that appear in the first tunnel. The car passes straight through them, and they cannot interact with the player.


  • While the Baby is replacing the orb in the Save Station, if the game is saved before the orb switches back, the Baby may get stuck and won't disappear until the player leaves the room.
  • The Baby and the Flesh Rays are the only creatures that can appear in the Save Station.
  • The Three-Eyed Cat resembles Akuma Kira's online avatar.
  • A bug used to make the Three-Eyed Cat appear in Save Stations before New Game +, though this has since been patched.
  • In the Gallery of Light, the red-cloaked Follower of Baya does not have its face branches, nor is it holding the baby.
  • Similarly, Gluttony can only be seen within the Gallery of Light, as the player cannot see through the bars of its cell in Lost Tape 6 (The Way Out).
  • The Bag may be a reference to the Bloodied Bag from the Silent Hill P.T. Demo.
  • A number of the characters on this page do not appear within the Gallery of Light at all; this includes the Pipe Creature, the Crispys (though the Demo Crispys do appear), ?, the Three-Eyed Cat, the Ghosts or the Giants.