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New Game + is a gamemode unlocked after the player beats the game once. The mode itself features small details and tougher enemies in each section of the game.

New Game + is represented in game as New Game +X, where X represents the number of times the game has been beaten. (eg. New Game +1, New Game +2, etc.) As a result, the base game experience would be New Game, or New Game +0.

Notably, only the Good, Bad and Nightmare endings are able to unlock New Game +.



In New Game +, enemies deal more damage to the player, and can take more hits to defeat. This difficulty increases every time the game is beaten.

Weapons and Items

The player will have all of the weapons and tapes unlocked right from the start of the game, and will gain access to several alternate skins for the Sledgehammer, the Shotgun and the Kitchen Knife.

Gallery of Light

After completing the game once, the Gallery of Light can be accessed by going to the settings, turning Gamma all the way up, and pressing continue. It is a showcase of all the enemies and characters in the game.

Randomized Enemies

In the Extras menu, the player can unlock Randomized Enemies, which will randomly replace most enemies in the game with others. The only enemies that cannot be replaced or appear are the Ghost Girl, The Siren, and Shoggoth.

Among the enemies that can appear includes Childhood Memories, the Pipe Creature, the Priests and Wolfs from the Midnight Mode, the Demo Crispys from the Demo, and the Baby.

Gameplay Changes

In addition to the new weapon skins, modes and increased difficulty, a number of changes are made throughout the base game.

The Sewers

  • The Pipe Creature will actually pursue and attack the player after it is viewed.
  • The Crispys will be freed from their cages and attack the player.

Royal Phantome Subway

Grand Bulim Avenue

The Mines

  • Sotiris will appear briefly in front of the player after entering the Mines for the first time.

Nezumi Testing

  • A Rat Man will break into Lab 1B shortly after the player enters it.

The Siren's Lair

The Last Area


  • A new enemy, the Flesh Ray, will appear in areas that previously didn't have enemies, including Save Stations.


  • The player does not have to completely replay the game in order to play in New Game +; after getting the Good, Bad or Nightmare endings, pressing continue will still put the player at the last Save Station they used, though now in New Game +1.
  • Completing New Game + will give the Achievement "A New Nightmare".
  • The player can reset back to New Game +0 by using the Reset Data button on the main menu.