New game+ is a gamemode unlocked after the player beats the game once. The mode itself features small details and tougher enemies in each section of the game.

Randomized Enemies

After you get new game + you will unlock a option in extras that will let you randomize the enemies.

This will change most enemy placement in the game except for The Ghost Girl, The Siren, and The Dog Mimic.

This mode also adds 3 new enemy types to the game the Priests, the Wolfs, and Demo Crispys


In new game + you keep all of the weapons you got from your last game and get them at the beginning you also get skins for 3 of the 4 weapons that changes their attributes

Weapons with skins include Sledgehammer, Shotgun, and Kitchen Knife

New Enemies

In new game + you’ll run into a few new enemies and a new skin for the

Giant Roaches where they have a new head to make them more creepier

The new enemies are weird manta-ray things that spawn in places that didn’t have enemies already Eg.Save Stations

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