Nezumi Testing is a main area in Lost In Vivo

Nezumi Testing

Nezumi Testing is a now abandon rat testing lab once occupied by Dr. Brundle, Dr. Piccinini and several other scientists. It is unknown exactly what the laboratory's goal was, however, it can be implied their experiments were illegal and held in secret under governmental eye. 


The goal in Nezumi Testing is get through the door with a retina scanner while avoiding the Rat Men made there How you accomplish that is by taking the baby head in the fridges they keep rats, then you pop the baby head with the thing in the red room, you then get some lock picks but you also move to another reality where the Rat men are "woke". You then open Dr. Piccinini's room where you can pick up his body but the eyes have been eaten out after you go in the room tho the retina scan door is mysteriously open the game then plays like you made it out of the lab you find your dog and then it immediately gets washed down another drain.

You either pick to go down the drain to follow her or you use the door you just opened either way you make it back to the lab again once you are back in the lab you find a door that is locked and you need lock picks you pick up the lock picks and open the door to realize there's nothing there. If you go back to the place you found the lock picks in you'll realize it's different so you continue forward and find your self staring at Sotiris pointing at you if you look away from him he won't be there anymore

Sotiri's area

The goal of this are is to find a left eye and open the retina scan door that leads you to an elevator out of the sewers. You have to run around the area and look in the 2 meat piles the first one will never have the eye the second one you look at will always have the eye.

Once you get the left eye you will see a short cut scene of Sotiris finding the right eye, but that's not important you now have a eye to open the door with so go back to the starting area where you first saw Sotiris pointing at you and head towards the door, but now there're a lot of boxes in your way. Now you need to make it through to the retina scan door while avoiding Sotiris. Once you get to the door you run up to the elevator and start transcending upwards.

The Elevator

When going up the elevator you get to see the credits but they seem wrong, you'll start to notice some things are off like it saying your name or crediting Sotiris. Once they are done the elevator will start falling down and you'll see Sotiris climbing up and then it suddenly stops the door opens and you're in The Siren's area



Dr. Brundle Archives

Dr. Brundle

Personal Archive #86

Feeling good about today, progress continues almost at an alarming rate given how theoretical this all should be.

Today we had one of the smaller rodents continue to move for almost 2 hours after all of its blood had been drained and replaced with mix PA22.12.15V

Dr. Brundle

Personal Archive #87

Today I questioned the higher staff, just on how far they think we can go with these experiments. Dr Piccinini took hold of me and brought me into one of the off limits rooms and showed me something I don’t fully understand. Maybe he was playing an elaborate and inappropriate prank. Piccinini told me it was his other “Pet Project”, and assured me that the work we’re doing is of great importance.

Dr. Brundle

Personal Archive #88

I’m beginning to question my fellow scientist’s ethics, if we can truly call any of this science anymore. I fear we’re all stumbling into something dark. And with each “breakthrough” my fear grows. I don’t know how they’ll react when we inevitably hit a dead end with these experiments.

Dr. Brundle

Personal Archive #89

We’ve done it. I have to get out of here as soon as I can. These are not creations that should exist. I don’t know if we screwed something up along the way, or this was the only possible outcome.

Dr. Brundle

Personal Archive #90

I can’t get out of here. The halls are full of them. They are worshipping Piccinini’s messed up pet. They swarm around just like the rats.

Dr. Brundle

Personal Archive #91

Dr Piccinini went crazy. He attacked me in my office screaming about sacrifice. I hit him over the head and he lost consciousness, but I confirmed he’s still alive. I’m going to try to get out of here using the flood tunnels connected to the rat fluid chamber.

Dr. Brundle

Personal Archive #92

I’m almost out of here but Piccinini’s pet is in the warehouse by the emergency exit. It won’t move while I’m staring at it but when I try to look away it seems to reappear somewhere within a closer radius. If someone finds this please be careful as the creature may still be around.


Dr. Piccinini Archives

Dr. Piccinini

Personal Archive #65

Shrieks and squeals are all I hear. My dreams are infested with these rats. If only they knew that we are going to make them into something beautiful. If they knew that and had the capacity to, they would respect me. But no! It’s nothing but screams and wailing! I can’t sleep, I can hardly think. Even when I’m further away than the sound should possibly travel I still hear them.

Dr. Piccinini

Personal archive #66

My dreams have found their saviour. A dark creature swabbed in dirty robes now lives within them. They eat the rats and silence the screaming. Soon I will begin work, not this filthy government’s rat work, but my true work. I will give birth to my saviour so they can silence everything.

Dr. Piccinini

Personal Archive #67

I showed “Sotiris” to doctor Brundle today. He didn’t know what to think. He just stared at it. Maybe he was just scared. Sotiris is moving now, but only barely. For some reason I can’t get him to function while the camera is on or while I’m looking at him. But he changes form in between these moments.

Dr. Piccinini

Personal Archive #68

My dear saviour is growing every day. I started stealing some of the rats from their tiny safe cages and put them in the hole with Sotiris. At first I wasn’t sure if they would do anything but once I left and came back the rats were gone, the only traces of the rats left was a lipstick smear of blood on Sotiris’ jaw




  • Nezumi Testing is the only area that changes during a specific time
  • The underlined letters on the sign spells out Nesting
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