Nezumi Testing is the fifth main area in Lost In Vivo.

It is split into two major zones; the first is Access Floor 1, an area containing the labs, offices, and holding area, along with the Rat Men; the second area is the warehouse, where the player encounters Sotiris. There is also the optional middle zone, the Fluid Pipes.


Access Floor 1

(Labeled by its name on the map)

The goal in Access Floor 1 is to get through the door with a retina scanner while avoiding the Rat Men.

Before anything else, it is recommended that the player goes to Lab 2A first, as this lab contains Lost Tape 3.

In Lab 1A, one of the rat freezers contains the Doll Head, which much be taken to Holding 1A. Using a vise mounted to a table, the Doll Head can be crushed open, revealing a Picklock Set. From this point on, the main hallways will be filled with "woke" Rat Men, which will respawn every time the hallways are left and reentered.

Use the Picklock set to open the Padlocked Door to Dr. Brundle's office, where Dr. Piccinini's eyeless body can be found on the floor. After looking around the room, an image of the retina scanner door will flash on the screen, revealing that it is now standing half-open. The player must run back through the hallways and through the retina scanner door.

The Protagonist will be briefly reunited with Dani, where they can pet her to their heart's content; however, in order to progress, the player must open the next door, causing a wave of fluid to sweep Dani down into the pipes below. The player can either continue on into the next room or interact with the broken drain enough to get the option to jump down into the fluid pipes.

Fluid Pipes

The fluid pipes are an optional mini-area, consisting of winding series of rusty pipes and chain-link fences. Some of the pipes have windows, through which Rat Mom can be spotted floating through the water.

Partway through the pipes, the player will find a full-sized door and a mounted fluorescent light, despite neither fitting the area; interacting with the door will cause the protagonist to say “It’s not real.”

Traveling through the pipes will eventually lead the player to a long pipe ending at a fence; approaching the end will cause a sound to play, and the player will be transported to the inside of the flooded room, leading directly to the next area.

The Warehouse

After a short series of rooms and passages, the player will find a room with a Save Station and Dr. Brundle's Personal Archive #92. The next door leads to the warehouse proper.

The door leads to an empty storage area, in the center of which the player will directly Sotiris for the first time. The door to the next area is on the left wall, locked behind another retina scanner; to unlock it, an eye must be found. There are two other storage areas towards the back of the Warehouse with piles of meat, each of which must be examined; the second one examined will always have the left eye. Sotiris is only able to attack the protagonist in the three storage areas, requiring the player to keep their eye on them.

There is another Save Station in the Warehouse, in the hallway after the first storage area.

The left storage area is a single room that holds a grid of large packages. The pile of meat is against the back wall, towards the left side.

The right storage area consists of two large rooms; the first holds a large number of packages of varying sizes, while the second is filled with hanging bags. The pile of meat is found on a table in this second room. After investigating the pile, the crates will rearrange, making the path back out more difficult.

Once the left eye has been obtained, walking back to the first storage area will trigger a cutscene of Sotiris inserting the other eye into their own eye socket. The main room is now filled with boxes, which the player must navigate through in order to reach the retina scanner door and reach the Elevator.


Rat Man

Rat Man (woke)



See Endings

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Nightmare Ending

Nezumi Testing is the first area that contains a step towards achieving the Nightmare Ending. Once the player enters Dr. Brundle's office and the open scanner door flashes on the screen, the prompt to examine the body is replaced with the option to pick it up. Doing so will greatly slow the player as more Unity errors appear in the bottom left. After a few seconds, the player's movement will return to normal, and Piccinini's body will be picked up. Looking in the Inventory reveals the item's name as "Eyeless_Body.fbx" and that the inventory is distorted and glitchy. The errors will disappear after walking out of the room.

The player must take Piccinini's body to the Warehouse, just before the Sotiris encounter, where a padlocked door and a Picklock Set can be found in the area. Attempting to grab the Picklock Set from the table will cause the text "Inventory Full" to appear, followed by Unity errors appearing and Piccinini's body falling to the ground; the player can now pick up the Set, and use it to enter the locked room.

The room itself only contains some Ruger Ammo; however, the farthest wall is now gone, and Piccinini's body is now standing upright in the path. He looks at the player for a moment before walking out of sight, in the direction of Sotiris. Using the Picklock Set on the door will reveal that it contains nothing but Ruger Ammo. Walking back out into the hallway will reveal that the body is staring at the player across the hallway before running out of view.

Neither the Picklock Set nor the Padlocked Door will appear unless Piccinini's body is picked up.

In The Last Area, a padlocked door can be found to the right of the Goobles' room. This is the only padlocked door after Nezumi, only unlockable if the player picked up the Picklock Set from the Warehouse.


New Game +

See New Game +

Flesh Rays can appear in Lab 2A.

In Lab 1B, a Rat Man will enter the room shortly after the protagonist enters.


  • During the introduction, a magazine can be found lying on the ground that references Nezumi Testing, implying that Dr. Brundle managed to escape Sotiris.
  • The underlined letters on the sign in the Entrance Hall spell the word "NESTING".
  • The sounds of footsteps and doors opening can be heard every so often from the main rooms.
  • Several cameras have an eye instead of a lens.
  • A portrait of Specimen 8 can be found hanging on the wall in Holding 1A; a similar portrait can be found in the right branch of Royal Phantome Subway.
  • When dropping down into the fluid pipes, by taking the first right and wriggling up the incline, the player can fall out of the map.
  • In the right storage room in the Warehouse, a canvas body bag can be seen on the ground through some crates. A similar bag is seen hidden in the Royal Phantome Subway.
  • The eye cutscene will replay every time the player enters and leaves the Save Station
  • Nezumi Testing will change appearance if played after December 15th, making it Christmas-themed.
    • A dead tree decorated with a star and Christmas lights will appear in the Lobby; a slice of pizza appears at its base, which can be eaten.
      • This same slice of pizza can be found in the Sewers, though those cannot be eaten.
    • The hallways on Access Floor 1 have strings of Christmas lights.
    • The Rat Men will have antlers, red noses and will make jingling bell sounds as they walk.
    • Sotiris wears a Santa hat; this also affects the eye cutscene.
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