The Priests are enemies that appear in the Midnight mode

They have a ranged attack that slowly drains the player's health over time, and a melee attack which does a regular amount of damage. While they're easy to kill, they can be very dangerous when in large groups
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Slug Priest

The Slug Priest is the most powerful variant of the Priest, it rides a Slug and three candles float in front of it. It serves as a mini-boss, similar to the Demon Wolf.

The Slug Priest moves slow and has a very powerful melee attack that can kill the player in two hits.
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The Slug Priest

VHS Priest

The VHS Priest is a variant of the Priest no different from the regular Priest, the only difference being that it has a large VHS tape instead of a mask on its head.
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The VHS Priest

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The TV room

The VHS Priest appears once in the Midnight mode in a special room with a large TV, it emerges from the TV and instantly attacks the player.


The best strategy for the Priests is to avoid getting close to them and attack from a distance. Getting swarmed by Priests can lead to a quick death so it's best that the player take them on one at a time.

A good strategy for the Slug Priest is to block its melee then attack as much as possible, while keeping your distance.


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