The Royal Phantome Subway is the second major area in Lost in Vivo.


Leaving the Sewer

After leaving the first Save Station in the game, the player will enter what seems to be the very first section of the Sewers; however, the ladder behind them is gone, the sky is black and the manhole is replaced by the broken chain-link cover of the candlelit hole found towards the end of the Sewer Entrance.

Continuing forwards will reveal a completely different area; the sewers are blocked off, and a side passage leads up and into a subway station, with a locked door leading to the train office. When the player goes down onto the station’s platform, the train in the station will pull away; Dani and Virgil can be seen onboard. On one of the seats on the platform, the Train Office Key can be found, along with the Damaged Handgun if it wasn’t already picked up in the Sewer Entrance.

Using the key, unlock the train office; then, the computer can be used to open the station, causing another train to appear at the platform. The train will take off as soon as the player steps onto it. As it continues down the track, sobbing can be heard through the tunnel; a few seconds later, a woman’s scream is heard, followed by the sound of a collision and crunching noises. The train slows to a stop, and the player must walk the rest of the way to the station.

The Metro

After arriving at the next platform, the player will find that the door to the metro is locked; on the platform, there is a door with a cassette player next to it, which leads to a hallway with a Save Station and two additional rooms; a locker room and an office.

The office contains multiple important items; the map of the metro is on the wall to the left, while the main station breaker is on the wall to the right, and the Metro Key is on the office desk. The player must use the key to unlock and access the metro.

The Damaged Handgun will appear in the locker room if it wasn't picked up earlier, along with some ammo.

There are three main branching paths the player must travel, each with a breaker that must be turned off. Once the power is off in each section, electronics within that branch no longer function, particularly the lights. The Ghost Girl will chase the player throughout the entirety of an unpowered branch, until they make it back to the station. The player is able to return to the Save Station at any point.

The Left Branch

The easiest section; all of the doors except for the red one are broken; an office here has the branch’s circuit breaker. The player must use the circuit breaker to turn off the power in the branch, then race back the way they came. 

The Middle Branch

This path takes players through a system of tunnels connected to a subway tunnel. A train is stopped halfway out of the station; in this train is the second weapon, the Shotgun. The train has another open door that leads to a door in the side of the tunnel, through which is a series of passages that lead into multiple rooms; in these rooms, the player will find Lost Tape 2, a Picklock Set, some ammo and a locked door leading to the next circuit breaker. 

Using the picklock set, the player can enter the room containing the next circuit breaker, which is mounted to the far wall; after turning it off and leaving the room, it is revealed that the door back out into the passages has been locked. The player must pick the lock and fend off the Ghost Girl, then retrace their steps back out of the tunnels.

The Right Branch

The Right Branch appears to be an entrance to the subway, with a revolving one-way gate leading towards the exit and a line of electronic one-way gates leading back into the station. The actual exit of the station is blocked, though the circuit breaker and an entrance to a small tunnel is on that side. Before passing through the revolving gate, a side room has a picklock set that the player needs to get to the circuit breaker. 

Once the power goes out, the electronic one-way gates lock, forcing the player to go through the tunnel. Another locked door is found here, requiring the player to pick the lock as they fend off the Ghost Girl.

The player will emerge from the tunnel on the other side of the gates, allowing them to run back into the main room.


The player must travel back to the main circuit breaker and activate it, rebooting the system; after walking back out onto the platform, the Ghost Girl will slowly emerge from the wall, floating towards the player as she clutches her face, screaming and smoking as she disappears. A few seconds after, a filthy train will pull into the station; stepping onto the train will lead the player to the next area of the game, Grand Bulim Avenue.


Ghost Girl

Flesh Rays NG+

New Game +

See New Game +

Multiple Flesh Rays will appear in the main room of the Metro.

The Shotgun will not appear, as the player will already possess it.


This level contains many advertisements promoting weight loss, resembling Jane Exspiravit's problems with body image.


  • In the locker room on the first platform, a copy of a video game called "Midnight" is lying on the bench, hinting at the existence of the Midnight Mode.
  • There is a hidden body bag visible through a crack in the wall in a room within the middle branch.
  • In the middle branch, the player can go through the tunnel opposite the train; after traveling for a short distance, a train will come down the tunnel towards the player, killing them instantly upon collision.
  • A portrait of Specimen 8 can be found in the tunnels in the right branch, along with a piece of Dani's leash.
  • In the main circuit breakers room there are several empty Sunshine Academy Donut boxes scattered everywhere. This is a reference to a mini game from Spookys Jumpscare Mansion called Sunshine Academy.
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