Save stations are areas within the game that allow the player to manually save their game. A stone statue of an angel can be seen overlooking an altar with an ornate red orb; interacting with this orb will save the player's game up to that point. A save station is usually found in a safe, hub-like area in the game, and can be identified by a blue door and a blue (and sometimes red) light over the door.



  • A purple three-eyed cat, which closely resembles Akuma Kira's online avatar, can often be seen laying in the rafters overhead.
  • Occasionally when entering the room, the Baby will be laying on the alter, which will writhe and cry loudly; only to be replaced by the red orb moments later.
  • Prior to encountering Shoggoth for the first time, the player enters an off-kilter version of the save station, where the music is glitched and the red orb jitters unnaturally. After attempting to save one's game, text will appear stating "Save Erased".
  • The angel statue bears close resemblance to Virgil, which is confirmed within the Gallery of Light.
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