If you were looking for the Midnight mode boss go to Shoggoth King eel of the Abyss (Boss)



Shoggoth is a NPC who shows up a few times in the game.  He cannot die and will attack the player; when he comes for you it will always be in a place you can not escape so you're basically dead


Shoggoth can be encountered right after Grand Bulim Avenue train station, where the save room doesn't look correct, the music is glitching out and once you save it will say Save Erased. Trying to reenter the save room will fail and tell you that the door is "Broken", forcing you to go forward. In the next room Shoggoth appears and kills you. After that you will get a fake reset and be put back into a save room. After leaving you will be put into a puzzle were you are faced with 2 pictures; if you pick the wrong picture enough Shoggoth will appear.  This is the same with the apple puzzle after the picture puzzle


  • Shoggoth is in the first Vivo update video made after the Kick starter
  • Shoggoth shows up in the trailer/opening video of the game
  • Shoggoth was a pet snowflake eel who died in development of the game so Kira put him in the game to pay his respects
  • Shoggoth is also the name of a well-known Lovecraftian creature, the

invulnerability of shoggoth is well in-line with Lovecraftian horror. Here's more information on the topic:

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