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- The text displayed at the beginning of the Midnight Mode.

This page is on the Midnight Mode boss. For the main game boss, see Shoggoth.


Shoggoth King eel of the Abyss (or Shoggoth (Boss Form) in the Gallery of Light), looks and functions the same as the base game Shoggoth, with a darker color palette and a halo of fire floating above its head. It has several swords stabbed into its body.


Shoggoth King eel of the Abyss is the main boss of the Midnight Mode. After obtaining 30 silver coins by defeating enemies and opening the door, the player will enter Shoggoth's arena. The door will close behind the player, and the fight will begin immediately.


  • Unlike Shoggoth, Shoggoth (Boss Form) is able to be killed.
  • Shoggoth (Boss Form) has the same behavior and attacks as Shoggoth. Predicting attacks and dodging or blocking is very important.
  • Shoggoth (Boss Form) has a slow attack speed, dealing a moderate amount of damage per hit.
  • Shoggoth (Boss Form) is relatively slow, giving the player the chance to heal if they run away.


  • Shoggoth was a pet snowflake eel Kira had while developing the game who passed away in 2018; he's a boss/npc as a memorial to him.
  • Shoggoth King eel of the Abyss's theme is Shoggoth's Requiem.
  • Shoggoth is also the name of a well-known Lovecraftian creature, the invulnerability of shoggoth is well in-line with Lovecraftian horror. Here's more information on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoggoth