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[[File:20190102151251 1.jpg|left|thumb|255x255px|Double barrel shotgun in game]]
[[File:20190102151251 1.jpg|left|thumb|255x255px|Double barrel shotgun in game]]

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"A riot police issue shotgun. It only fires rock salt rounds so I don't think it'll do much damage" -Inventory description
The Shotgun is the second ranged weapon and the third weapon you find in the game and can be found on the sleeping bag inside the train that leads to the breaker box in the upper part of the Royal Phantome Subway. It's a slow weapon that doesn't deal a lot of damage and shoots salt rounds instead of normal shotgun shells. In a lot of situations Damaged Handgun is the better choice in combat, however some enemies in the game have a weakness to the salt rounds, thus dealing a lot more damage than the other weapons. It works well against Ghost Girl, The Spitters and the flesh parts of Ghost Train.

New game+ Edit

Just like the Sledgehammer this weapon gets a New game+ skin, but only one.

Double Barrel Shotgun Edit

This is a different version of the shotgun. It can only hold 2 rounds, but has the best damage out of all the weapons surpassing even the damage of the regular shotgun against weak enemies and doesn't have a cooldown between shots. There is a glitch with the reloading for this gun. Even though the animation for reloading plays, you can still shoot bullets, and this can be exploited for massive damage and speedrunning of the game. For example with this glitch you can end the boss fight against The Siren in the third area by only trapping it once, because you just deal so much damage to it's head.

Akuma Kira said in an update note that this shotgun skin is based off the shotgun from the Evil Dead series.

20190102151251 1

Double barrel shotgun in game

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