"A wet sledgehammer I found in the sewers. It looks old, but it's holding up well." - Inventory description
The Sledgehammer is the first weapon in Lost in Vivo.


The player finds it leaning against a wall in the Sewers, next to a boarded up doorway. The sledgehammer must be picked up and used to smash these boards to progress, making it the only weapon specifically required in order to progress through the game.


The Sledgehammer is a reliable weapon that can take on just about any enemy in the game, so long as the player properly manages their health.

It has a slow attack speed and deals a moderate amount of damage, with a longer range than the Kitchen Knife.

Like the Kitchen Knife, the player can block with the Sledgehammer, reducing damage from the next hit.

New Game +

See New Game +

New Game + starts the player with all weapons, including the Sledgehammer. There are three NG+ skins for the Sledgehammer.


The Sledgehammer looks like it did in the Demo.

Fire Axe

The Sledgehammer is changed to look like a fire axe.

Spooky Axe

The Sledgehammer is made to look like the cartoony axe from Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion, another game by Kira. It swings significantly faster than the base Sledgehammer, though deals less damage.

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