The Hammer is a weapon in the game Lost In Vivo.

The player can use it to bring down enemies. They can also use it to kill enemies when they are down.

You acquire it at the beginning of the game.

New game+ skins

After playing through the entire game and getting any ending other than the kill your dog ending you will unlock new game+. With this you will have all previous items and new skins


Skin 1 The Beta Skin

This is one of the three skins that the hammer has

This skin changes it to the beta hammer

Skin 2 Spooky axe

This is the second of the three skins it changes the hammer to an axe


The axe from spookys

The axe is made to look like spooky's jumpscare mansion's axe which is a game also by Kira.

Skin 3 fire axe

The last of the three skins is a fire axe

Hammer skin 0

Beta skin

Hammer skin 2

Spooky axe

Hammer skin 3

Fire axe

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