Sotiris is a mysterious entity created by Dr. Piccinini with the purpose of being his "savior." The creature was given life and nourished by him in the Neizumi Testing laboratories, and it is presumably the reason why the laboratories have been abandoned. It's unclear how Sotiris was created, but evidence points to a combination of scientific testing and supernatural means. Sotiris can teleport, it can kill the player by simply touching them.

It is likely that Dr. Piccinini was inspired to create Sotiris after listening to Tape #3, which can be found during Sotiris's portion of the game.

Appearance in-game

Sotiris first appears briefly in The Mines, where it will quickly teleport away after being spotted.

Sotiris is first encountered as an enemy after opening a door that leads to a warehouse in the Nezumi Testing. If the player gets too close, Sotiris will break their neck, and a cutscene will play in which rats eat the player's corpse, starting with their eyes.

In order to escape the laboratories, the player needs to collect one of Dr. Piccinini's eyes from a fleshy pile in the warehouse. Shortly after, Sotiris is seen inserting an eye into one of its empty sockets. From then on, Sotiris's eye will always look at the player, though it still cannot move. During this segment, the player needs to get to a door locked by a retinal scanner to reach The Elevator.


Sotiris can't be killed, but it also can't move while in the line of sight of the player. It can, however, pursue the player by teleporting within their radius if they look away from Sotiris for at least one second. The radius shrinks the longer that the player stays in the area. The radius also shrinks faster if the player is not looking. As long as the player looks towards its general direction, regardless if there are any boxes blocking their path, Sotiris can't move.

Sotiris is also vital for achieving the game's Nightmare Ending .

Final Encounter

Once you leave the Lab and enter the elevator, You'll being your slow ascent upward. As it progresses, credits will slowly enter the screen(Listed below). As these credits role, they slowly turn sinister and the elevator will slowly begin to decent back down. While the elevator goes haywire, The protag begins to throw up and Sotiris is seen on the walls of the elevator trying to get it. Suddenly the elevator will stop and everything will disappear as if the elevator wasn't started. Despite the situation, you do not take any damage nor anything during this scene can kill you.


Lost in Vivo

A game by AKUMA KIRA

3D art by SOTIRIS


Textures and Lighting by GL LABS

Motion Capture by ( user )

Blood by ( Random Friend in user's friend list )

The Time IS LATE

Savior of Rats SOTIRIS

The need FOR EYES

Is an unquenchable HUNGER



  • If The Protagonist dies to Sotiris, their eye will be missing from the Game Over screen.
  • Sotiris will appear in the mines when first entering. He doesn't attack the player, and he disappears after a few seconds.
  • Sotiris is pronounced σωτήρας
  • Sotiris's name is derived from the Greek name Sotirios, which translates to "salvation."
  • Sotiris's pointing animation was inspired by the Twin Victims from Silent Hill 4. (source )
  • Sotiris shares many similarities with SCP-173 : they can only move when nobody is looking, they appear to break the necks of their victims, and they are both contained in testing facilities.
  • Sotiris is one of the only enemies that changes during the holiday season, Rat Man being the other.
  • Sotiris is called "Coward" in the games files
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