Specimen 8 is one of the children of Bayagototh, who makes an appearance in Lost Tape 3.

Specimen 8

Specimen 8 is the eighth specimen you run into in Akuma Kiras game Spookys Jumspcare Mansion, formerly known as Spookys House of Jumpscares. It appeared one day after GL Lab employees filled a room with violent deer.

Specimen 8 in Lost in Vivo barely ever appears and is not a character in the main story. He only appears in Lost Tape 3 outside the window of the cabin before you burn the Idol


Specimen 8 and its family had nothing to eat, due to this to prevent starvation they prayed to Bayagototh for food. In response Bayagototh gave the family trees made out of meat so the family had an endless supply of food, but as a payment Bayagototh takes their son and turns him into a demigod.


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