The Dark Mode is a secret mode for the game which can be accessed by completely turning down the gamma brightness in the options menu before the game begins and then starting a new game.

The mode seems to be set in the eyes of the main character in the main lore, before the events of the main game, as the player has episodes of claustrophobia, come into reality, which only happens in tunnels.


WASD - Movement

Mouse - Camera movement

E - Leave/enter the car (available even in tunnels full of monsters!)

C - Autodrive


20190121143338 1.jpg

The player spawns in this zone, next to a car they can get in to then drive through the woods with calm, relaxing music playing in the background. At the end of the zone, there is a tunnel with the sign "NOW LEAVING SAFETY" over it.

Song: Nolan Reese - Broken

Tunnel #1

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Much quieter and ominous music can be heard in the tunnel. After driving a while, sometimes a second tunnel is seen to one side containing flickering lights. Then, ghostly creatures will start appearing until the player gets to the end of the tunnel.

Song: Jarren Crist - Tunnel Visions

The Stars

In this part, the player drives down a highway with stars appearing in the sky to beat of the music. There can be also seen apartment buildings with lights turned on inside of them. Once again, at the end of the highway there is another tunnel and a sign "NOW LEAVING THE STARS" above it.

Song: Akuma Kira - Saccharin

Tunnel #2

20190121161038 1.jpg

At the first point in the tunnel, quiet music starts playing and stranger humanoids start appearing. Then, the music becomes much more violent, with more strangers, and eventually, the whole tunnel becomes a path full of strangers obstructing the player's vision and the walls looking like an illusion. Eventually, the music comes to a violent end, and the tunnel ends.

Song: Akuma Kira - The man who stole several leopards


Once the player ends the tunnel #2 sequence, the camera cuts to a third-person view of the SUV stopping by the side of the road, then saying "you made it home".


  • The humanoids in the second tunnel also resemble the stranger from Lost Tape #4.
  • Hanging on the rear-view mirror is an ornament of Robbie the Rabbit from the Silent Hill series.
  • The Bag in the backseat may also be a nod to the talking paper bag from P.T., which was a teaser for a cancelled Silent Hill game.
  • In update 2.0 you can use a controller with this mode.
  • If you stay still in the second tunnel for too long, the strangers will rush to you and kill you immediately, forcing you to restart the whole sequence.


  • This mode Is unplayable with a controller. (This was not a glitch and was more so not programmed in)
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