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"My eyes are useless. All they do is sting and show me stuff that can't be real."

- The Eyeless Hobo's second Note.

The Eyeless Hobo is the first enemy in Lost in Vivo, encountered halfway through the Sewers. They are encountered in a hallway with a gate blocking off the next area.


The Eyeless Hobo appears to be a human who wears a stained brown hoodie, stained blue pants, and brown, possibly mud-stained, shoes. They wield a knife in their right hand and as their name suggests, they have no eyes and appear to have a constant grin.


Graffiti near where the Eyeless Hobo is found.

The player walks through a hallway with a large piece of graffiti depicting an eyeless face, with the path forward blocked by a chain link fence. As they walk forward the Eyeless Hobo will appear somewhere behind the player, walking slowly towards them and attacking with their knife. Upon death, the Hobo's body will become a ragdoll and remain there forever.

The Eyeless Hobo is an optional fight; if the player runs back the way they came or stay in the room for long enough, the screen will flicker and the Hobo will disappear.

The chain link fence will disappear after the Hobo is killed or disappears.


  • The Eyeless Hobo deals no damage, even though it attacks with a knife.
  • The Eyeless Hobo is killed in one hit with the Sledgehammer.
  • The Eyeless Hobo will always appear behind the player, even if they walk backwards in the room (They will appear by the gate if you do).
  • An audio effect will play as soon as the Eyeless Hobo spawns; the player can turn around as soon as this plays to not get caught from behind.

The Demo

In the demo the Hobo is a lot more important, having a bigger role in the game and even playing a part in the Pizza Ending. The reason they were given a more minor role in the final game is likely due to a change in the game's story.

In the demo, they have more health and don't suddenly spawn in. They are there waiting for you.


The Eyeless Hobo made their home in the sewer, having different rooms where they slept and even had a TV. Eventually they got tired of the TV and put out food inside it, to watch critters come and eat them. However, to their dismay, the small animals attracted bigger prey and eventually attracted something horrible. As this larger creature came, they pretended to be asleep, but feared the thing was watching them and not really coming for the other animals.

Eventually, they started hallucinating and in an effort to appease the thing that came by to visit, they gave it their eyes.

The first time the player is informed about the man is within a small room with a broken TV and a note;

"There's not much on the TV nowadays.

So I thought I'd make my own show. I started putting food and rancid meat in the useless old box and all sorts of little critters would come to play.

It was really relaxing to just sit on the sofa and watch them eat. But the small critters eventually started attracting larger ones.

Some horrid, putrid thing kept coming by to watch. So I would just pretend to be asleep until it passed.

But I think it knows I'm awake. I think it's watching me, not the show on the TV."

Then after progressing to a hallway with multiple rooms, the player finds the second, and last note about the man:

"My eyes are useless.

All they do is sting and show me stuff that can't be real.

If that rancid thing wants them, then I say let it have them."

Shortly afterwards, the player will encounter the Hobo.


  • The creature that the Eyeless Hobo gave their eyes to is likely Sotiris.
  • The graffiti that appears near the Hobo's spawn point is not of the Hobo. It's an illustration of Beth Gibbons from the band Portishead.
  • Unlike the final release of the game, the Eyeless Hobo can kill you in the demo.