​​​The Last Area is the seventh, and last, major area of the game.

The Last Area is the shortest, most linear section of the game, and functions where the player must defeat or evade a number of enemies to reach the end.


This is a linear area; the following walkthrough breaks down the path into multiple sections and describes events within each of them.

Spitter Tunnels

The Spitter Tunnels are the first area entered immediately after the last Save Station. The player must fight through a few rooms containing Spitters.

Siren Door

Immediately outside of the first room, the Siren can be briefly seen through the bars of a metal door; attempting to follow it will cause the screen to go black, as if you were entering a new area; however, you will not have moved, and giant squirming maggots (?) can be seen on the other side of the door.


To the right of this door, the player will find a large slab of flesh fixed to the wall; walking up to it will make a "?" prompt appear. Interacting with it will cause it to bring up the message, “DID YOU LOCK THE DOOR?” Answering NO does nothing, and ? can be interacted with again; answering YES will play the sound of glass shattering somewhere behind the player, using the game's positional audio. This doesn't appear to affect anything in the area.


The rusty metal walls give way to bare stone, and the player travels through a winding series of partially-collapsed caves. There are more Spitters here.

Goobles Den

Halfway through the Caves, the player will encounter a large room filled with Goobles; this room marks the halfway point through the Last Area, and contains a side area important to a secret ending.


After the Goobles Den, the player will find a large room with a row of open graves on either side; halfway through, the player will find the "This text is illegible..." Note.

Sleeping Spitters

A short winding passage filled with Spitters floating arched backwards at an unnatural angle; they will not interact with the player, though if the player makes too much noise or otherwise provoke them they will "wake up" and begin attacking. They tend to appear in places where the player wouldn't notice them until they were very close.

Roach Tunnels

This section is separated from the Caves by a plastic door curtain; they are similar to the tunnels from the first area, though much narrower and contain Daddy Roaches instead of Spitters. There are many small nooks and crannies where the Roaches tend to hide.

Sewer Exit

At the end of the Roach Tunnels, the player will begin to walk down a long empty corridor; the screen will begin to fade to white, and they will be placed at the Sewer Exit.


The Spitters


Daddy Roach


See Endings

Good Ending

By reaching the end of the Last Area without any detours, you will get the Good Ending.

Nightmare Ending

In the Goobles Den, there is a path to the right; using the Picklock Set obtained in Nezumi Testing to pick the lock, the player will find a manifestation of Bayagototh, appearing as a tree with a Goobles-like tendril emerging from a large hole near its base; sacrificing the Child's Skull obtained in the Siren's Lair will unlock the Nightmare Ending. Now, simply reach the end of the Last Area.

New Game +

See New Game +

In New Game +, Daddy Roaches in this area have human heads, though are functionally identical. There doesn't seem to be any other difference.


This area seems to be almost entirely made up of The Protagonists' fears and it's hard to say if any of it is real.

The open graves in the Caves can be inferred as the graves of the Spitters, which had somehow come back to life.


  • This area is named "brain" in the editor.
  • This area contains several objects found in other areas.
    • Many of the lights are the same exposed bulbs as seen in the Hobo's Lair in the Sewers and the Passages in Grand Bulim Avenue.
    • The curtain dividing the Caves from the Roach Tunnels is also found in the Warehouse in Nezumi Testing.
    • The wall lights in the Tunnels are the same as found in the branching paths in the Siren's Lair.
  • This is the only optional major area of the game.
  • The Last Area and The Sewers are the only "continuous" major areas that are not broken up into smaller rooms.
  • Using the Save Station just before this area locks you out of the Bad Ending; therefore, for an all-achievements run, it is recommended to get the bad ending first, then reach the Last Area.
  • In Lost in Vivo 1.0 there was a blue screen scare half way through the last area.
    • This was removed because it was very sudden and felt out of place.
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