​​​The last major area of the game

The lowest part of the sewers crawiling with hidious monsters that want nothing more than to kill you. This area seems to be almost entirly made up of The Protagonists' fears and it's hard to say if any of it is real

The protagonist gets here by rejecting an exit and making their way further down into the sewers to find their dog.

This area is a lot shorter compared to the other areas and is mostly one linear path to the end with only a few alternate paths you can take

Goal of the Area


The Last Area has barley no areas where you wont run into an enemy

The Spitters


Daddy Roach



  • The name of this area is called brain in the editor
  • This is the only optional area of the game
  • In Lost in Vivo 1.0 there was a blue screen scare half way through the last area.
    • This was removed because it was very sudden and felt out of place
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