The Mines is the 4th area in Lost in Vivo coming right after Grand Bulim Avenue and before Nezumi Testing.

In the Mines, you can find notes left behind by the Paranoid man.


The Mines are reached through a hole in the tracks in the Grand Bulim Avenue. Falling through this hole leads you through a winding series of caves that lead into the main room.

The main room contains a map of the mines, a Save Station, a cassette player and a note.

The goal of the Mines is to find three emblems to unlock the door to Nezumi Testing. Each emblem can be found in a different branch of the mines, which are named as they appear on the map. The paranoid man's notes point you to the next emblem.

Bottom Branch

The first area to explore; holds the Beetle Emblem and a key used to unlock the other two sections.

Middle Branch

Holds the Bomb Emblem. 

Has two entrances, and doesn’t have a ladder.

Top Branch

Holds the Moon Emblem.

As the player climbs back up the ladder after getting the emblem, the Mimic will climb up the ladder behind them, chasing them until they reach the top.

Emblem Descriptions

Beetle Emblem

A small metal emblem with an engraving of a beetle. ‘Endless life but at the cost of blood’ is engraved on the back with small font.

Bomb Emblem

A small metal emblem with an engraving of a bomb. ‘Stuck in suspension, a tragedy to repeat itself, a ghost’ is engraved on the back with small font.

Moon Emblem

A small metal emblem with an engraving of a crescent moon. ‘Born from the moon, destined to age and die should they not return’ is engraved on the back with small font.


The story of this area is the story of the Paranoid man who is mostly read rambling about how the mines are haunted and that there is something in there.

He spent his time there mapping out the area, recording his findings, and leaving clues for any other hopeless wanderer unfortunate enough to enter the mines.


Dog Mimic


  • The television in the first room shows two figures standing on a hill; these figures can also be seen on the doors to Save Stations.
  • Sotiris can be briefly seen at the beginning of the mines and after climbing back up the ladder in the top section.
  • In the main area of the mines theres a bunch of chains, if you run into all of them they will begin to move on their own.
    • This is a refence to an exploration video of The Horton Mine, where some chains were seemingly moving on their own.
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