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The Sewers is the first area of the game. It's split into two zones; the first zone, with the the Eyeless Hobo, and the second zone, with rusty walls, and demonic creatures. It has no map, and next to no enemies.


The First Zone

The Sewer Tunnels

The first section of the game; after the player's dog is washed into the sewers, the player follows them down and the game starts.

Throughout the Sewer Tunnels, the player can whistle to make their dog bark, leading them in the correct direction. The player will find a hallway containing a radio playing a distorted mix between demonic and "normal" music; further within, a barricaded door blocks the way, with the Sledgehammer leaning against the wall. The Sledgehammer must be used to smash the wall, leading forward.

The Hobo's Lair

After destroying the planks blocking the hallway, the player will go through a few more sewers before approaching the hallway leading to the Hobo's home. Through this hallway is a small collection of rooms and hallways where the the Eyeless Hobo lives. At the entrance to the hallway, the player can have an optional scare by whistling; after a few seconds, instead of hearing the dog, the Hobo will whistle back. The first room to the left has a broken TV, sofa, and the first of the two Hobo notes;

"There's not much on the TV nowadays.

So I thought I'd make my own show.

I started putting food and rancid meat in the useless old box and all sorts of little critters would come to play.

It was really relaxing to just sit on the sofa and watch them eat. But the small critters eventually started attracting larger ones.

Some horrid, putrid thing kept coming by to watch. So I would just pretend to be asleep until it passed. But I think it knows I'm awake.

I think it's watching me, not the show on the TV."

Later, the player finds another hallway with multiple rooms, in one of them lies another note, alongside some bloody pieces of paper;

"My eyes are useless.

All they do is sting and show me stuff that can't be real.

If that rancid thing wants them, then I say let it have them."

The player will soon enter a hallway containing graffiti of an eyeless figure. After the player enters the hallway, the Hobo will appear behind them.

In the next hallway, the player finds the dog, only for the dog to be quickly pulled away by an unknown force. It disappears into a small tunnel the player is unable to pass through.

After getting to yet another hallway with fences, the player starts hearing monsters, and their flashlight is randomly turned off. At the end of the last hallway is an entrance to a pipe system, next to which is a piece of graffiti saying "ALL HOPE ABANDON ye who enter here." At the end of the pipe is a hole in the ground, surrounded by lit candles. Dropping down this hole will lead the player to the second zone.

The Second Zone

A heavily rusted section of sewer pipes maze, filled with creatures in cages screaming and likely trying to escape. Every cage containing a creature has candles around the bars; progressing forward will reveal a second set of cages, the last of which has been busted open, and the candles burnt out.

After continuing forward, the player will find a side path to the right; this leads to a chain link fence, where the player will obtain the Damaged Handgun, which slides out from under the fence. Shortly after continuing forward, the player will see the silhouette of their dog in the distance. Approaching it will transport the player into a Save Station, which will take them to the next area; The Royal Phantome Subway.


The Eyeless Hobo

Pipe Creature NG+

Crispys NG+

Demo Crispys Demo


See Endings

Just Leave

By immediately turning around and interacting with the ladder repeatedly, the player can get a variation of the Bad Ending.

Dead Dog

By shooting the Dog at the end of the second zone, the player can get the Very Bad Ending.

Pizza Ending (Demo)

In the demo if you offer 3 pizzas, the player can get The Pizza Ending.

New Game +

See New Game +

The Pipe Creature will actually follow and attack the player if they look at it.

The Sledgehammer and the Damaged Handgun are already in the player's inventory; thus, they will not appear in-game.

The cages in the second zone have no bars; the Crispys will attack the player.


This level has little resemblance to the Protagonist's problems, instead likely focusing on the Eyeless Hobo's lore.


  • This location of the game functions as the game's tutorial.
  • This entire sewer up until the first Save Station is one continuous area, without any apparent loading screens.
  • The graffiti on the wall during the Hobo encounter actually depicts Beth Gibbons, the lead singer of the band Portishead.
  • This is the only area where the player's flashlight is switched off by an outside force.
  • In the hallway where Dani slides into the small hole, holding the left wall will reveal that part of it is fake; this leads to a small room with several arms sticking out of the ground, holding slices of pizza. This is a reference to the secret "Pizza Ending" in the Demo.
  • Before 2.0, this area forced you to play Lost Tape 1 (The Pound) just before the Save Station; however, this is no longer the case.
  • Near the end of the second area of the sewer, when you walk over the sewer grates, you can see a Ghost Train going under you.