Liv tapes

The Lost Tapes are optional collectibles that are scattered throughout the game, and can be played by using a cassete player, found near save stations. There's a total of three tapes the player can collect. When a tape is played, an dream-like sequence starts, where the gameplay changes slightly, since there are no enemies, weapons or inventory, and interaction is limited. A memo suggests these tapes are somehow related to Bayagototh.


Tape #1

Is a mandatory sequence in the start of the game. The player finds themselves in a dark room, with the walls and ceiling made of what it seems to be rusty metal. Walking forward, the player will find areas blocked by uneven, rusty bars of steel, and eventually dog-like creatures appear and will aggressively bark on the other side. Eventually, a large, grey and greenish area will open, and when the player gets close to it, a large dog head will move towards the player, ending the sequence.

Tape #2

It smells like chemicals and the label says "The Clinic." It is found in the subway, in an office on the underground tunnels in front of a TV. When played, the player will find themselves in a red and orange place that looks like some sort of clinic or hospital. Whispers and distorted voices can be heard. When looking for the sources, the player will find red glowing spheres that reveal texts when looked at. After that, the player must continue in a series of small tunnels until they find themselves in a great, open space filled with floating humanoid creatures, ending the sequence.

Tape #3

This note is likely connected to bayagototh, considering the results of research at nezumi testing. The player will find themselves in what appears to be a cabin in the woods. The first floor contains some rooms and bedrooms, a boiler room and central room with a fireplace. The second floor has a chapel with pews and a stand. To progress, the player must first open the fireplace, then go outside and collect wood. After that, go to the boiler room and collect matches, and finally in one of the bedrooms to collect an idol. The player must then place all of these items in the fireplace, burning the idol and ending the sequence.

Tape #4

"The Motel." The player finds themselves in the reception of a motel with the message, "I need to sleep." In order to do so, they must find a suitable place to sleep, going inside different rooms and inspecting the beds. Most beds aren't suitable, some being dirty and one occupied. Finally, the player must go to a chair and sleep there, and by waking up, seeing that the hotel has changed. Then the player must return to the reception desk, to end the sequence.


The Lost Tapes might simbolize different traumatic events suffered by someone. First, being attacked by a dog, thus the main character needs therapy to be around dogs again. The second tape might symbolize someone who is in a mental hospital, trying to get used to the environment and the other patients. The third tape might be someone who got prayed upon by a cult and it's currently trying to get over their religious beliefs and indoctrination. The last tape might be someone who was vulnerable attacked by a stranger in a motel.